About Us

As our customer, you are our focus, Active Analytics is a company that works hard to ensure that you meet your goals. We deliver products and services related to data analysis in all sectors. This includes application development, analytical services, and training.

Modern commercial environments face new challenges when attempting to use their data resources to drive decision making, business strategy or to deliver services. Active Analytics have individuals that specialize in statistics, data science, application development, and big data infrastructures that can create solutions to fit any requirement. We do this by combining our knowledge and expertise with open source solutions to deliver flexible and tailored solutions to our clients.


The increase in data use in many aspects of organizations has driven demand in analytical services. Active Analytics statisticians are experts at applying and innovating statistical algorithms that will deliver the insights required by clients. They are also experts at creating visualizations that present information to a broad or specialist audience depending on the requirements.

Data Scientists

Our data scientists are multi-disciplinary. They have knowledge of analysis, algorithms, data structures, and development and understand how these can be used to create value for clients. Together with the statisticians, they are experts in statistical & mathematical models, machine learning, data engineering, business, software engineering, visualization, and spatial analysis. Whatever the challenges they are sure to deliver.

Programmers & I.T.

Our programmers and information technologists are experts at building applications and delivering them to a variety of platforms. They understand the best way of delivering our analytical products & services to our clients in a way that will be stable, easy to manage and requiring low maintenance costs.