Innovating for you

At Active Analytics it is our passion to create products and services that add value to your efforts and activities.

Active Analytics products are listed below, our product development focuses on tools for analysis that will be useful for a range of applications:


Actuarial Reserving in the Julia Programming Language.

The Julia programming language is taking the world of data science by storm and Active Analytics is embracing this new technology. we have released an open source actuarial reserving package written in Julia. The package is under constant development and new features will be added with time. The package can be downloaded from our GitHub page. Our focus in this package is both the quality and the performance and we have achieved both.



Big data storage and access.

ActiveH5 is an R package for big data storage and access, it allows you to store and access large data frames and matrices both on file and in memory and data is stored in chunks. It uses the HDF5 file format on disk allowing fast I/O speed. In memory chunks of data are accessed by pointers allowing large data sets to be accessed & processed in R efficiently.



ActiveReg is a sibling R package to ActiveH5. It allows you to analyse big data using linear regression and generalized linear regression models.

The ActiveReg package allows data you have stored using the ActiveH5 package to be analysed using generalized linear models (GLM). It is designed to give you a similar access to GLM functionality that you currently enjoy with the lm() and glm() functions in R but to address this kind of analysis with large data sets.