Data Science Application & Analysis Developer

Active Analytics is a contractor that provides solutions for clients to deliver applications that are at their core analytical engines. As a contractor Active Analytics works with clients to create application specifications and undertake development work to create tools that allow the client to accomplish their aims.

Active Analytics also conducts analysis prototyping in conjunction with the client, either as a proof of concept or as one-off pieces of analysis requiring specialist statistical analysis and machine learning skills. The contractor works closely with the client to ensure that the analysis delivered meets the requirements.

Active Analytics delivers bespoke training in various topics in statistics and machine learning in combination with suitable programming languages used in such activities with relevant examples. The contractor supplies predefined topics and works with the client to adapt such programs to suit their team.

Active Analytics contractor has had experience in many sectors but now focuses on the media and energy sectors.

Application Development

Delivering analysis applications internally can be difficult particularly when working with open source programming languages where immediate analytical toolboxes and connectors are not available. The Active Analytical contractor has the skills to work with the client and all relevant stakeholders to ensure that their current specification is fit for purpose and to make corrections where necessary. The contractor has much sought-after mix of analytical, mathematical and software development skills to successfully implement and deliver the solution.

The contractor has experience working with both stakeholders and teams to ensure that analytical engines meets it specifications and that it integrates well with other systems and tools currently embedded in the organisation.

Application Optimization

Getting the best out of the current analytical systems is often a prelude to overhauling the system, such endeavour can unmask inefficiencies that can be improved upon in terms of increased speed and accuracy of current algorithms. The contractor has experience in carry out such work that serves as jumping off point to further projects and delivers measurable improvements to predictive systems.

Analysis Development

Whether it is feasibility analysis of new products or using statistical analysis and machine learning algorithms to augment current analysis procedures, the Active Analytics contractor can work with clients to deliver analytical intelligence to clients and stakeholders.